The Perfect Date Destination for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner

Bakuto is not only the best Japanese catering in Lindenhurst, but they also have a unique Asian-style take on brunch.

Whether you’re going out with a friend, a client, or your significant other, this brunch spot is a must. To top it off, the brunch cocktail pairings include a selection of mocktails, beer, and sake that elevate the dish items. The cozy and intimate atmosphere and artistic decor add to the unparalleled brunch experience that will impress anyone you dine in with. The brunch menu showcases five items that stand alone, making it easy to choose the perfect dish, or if you’re craving more than just one, you can easily order more to share and get the most out of the Japanese Izakaya experience. If you’re looking to take your date to an unconventional and original brunch spot, this is the perfect place to choose! They are definitely the best caters in Lindenhurst.

Sharing is Caring When it comes to Lunch

This Asian restaurant is ideal for a lunch date, mainly because you’ll want to do family style and try everything on the lunch menu! The best Asian restaurant in Long Island and best caterers in Lindenhurst, their specialty buns are a highlight on the lunch menu and feature four different lunch buns that will have you struggling to choose just one! The crispy chicken bun will satisfy that craving or immerse you in the refreshing, spicy cold noodles, making for a great vegetarian option. Being the best Japanese caterers in Lindenhurst, you can rely on quality food and service, making it a perfect spot for a date. Even better, if you come with a partner, you can share your lunch items to experience more delectable dishes, which is not so easy when you come alone. Or order the food and bring the incomparable take food in Lindenhurst to anywhere you like.

Date Night just got Better

Mouthwatering food and uniquely delicious cocktails create an enticing evening for two. Even if you’re not up for a night out and feel inclined to stay home, you can order takeout food in Lindenhurst from wherever you live. So don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the exceptional food experience. This Asian restaurant in Long Island is unlike any other, and there’s a reason why they’re recognized for their Japanese catering in Long Island. The dinner experience is a must for date night as the dinner menu features an extensive selection of snacks and buns, making it great for snacking and drinking. Start the night off right with a shareable appetizer, like the savory and flavorful pork bun, and finish it with a hearty and comforting spicy beef and garlic udon. Sharing isn’t as easy when it comes to noodles, but they’re open seven days a week, and with the convenient online reservation option, booking a table for two is easy. Make this Japanese catering in Long Island your go-to date night destination or stay in and enjoy the cuisine from the comfort of your home. Either way, you’re sure to have a memorable evening.

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