The Art of Successfully Catering Japanese Cuisine

Whether organizing a small gathering or hosting a large party, hosts want to make sure that the food they provide for their guests is as mouth-watering as it is memorable. And when the menu includes Japanese cuisine, the event is sure to be a hit, especially with the right Long Island caterer providing the perfect experience. To ensure that a catered event goes smoothly, here are some steps to follow when selecting and hiring a Japanese catering service in Lindenhurst.

Open Communication

Miscommunication is common, but when a big event is on the line, it can be devastating. When hiring a Japanese catering service in Long Island, it’s best to make sure the caterer has a strong record of communication with clients. Miscommunication and crossed signals can lead to a multitude of timing and quality issues. But careful preparation and communication of timelines and expectations can prevent disaster, and ensure that an event runs smoothly. Be sure to discuss whether gratuity is automatically included in the bill, as well as the timing of catering staff arrival and departure.

Schedule a Tasting

While there are many Asian restaurants on Long Island, event planners will want to choose one with tasty food! So, it’s important to schedule a tasting with several of the best caterers in Lindenhurst before making a selection. Many restaurants also offer takeout food, so even if there’s no time to schedule a sit-down tasting, there’s always an opportunity to compare cuisine. And when the right dishes have been discovered, make sure to discuss them with the caterer ahead of time.

Include Options for Specific Diets and Allergies

Many guests may have food allergies that are unknown to hosts, or may have specific diets and food preferences. Make sure to include a vegan dish or two on the event menu, offer gluten-free and nut-free options, and work with the caterer to make sure that all ingredients used in dishes are either labeled or printed on the event menu, so that guests can avoid triggering food allergies.

Account for Unexpected Guests

It’s hard to correctly estimate the amount of food needed to serve a large group, and restaurant portion sizes vary widely. Talk with the caterer to ensure that they have an accurate headcount ahead of time, and then add at least 2-5 more guests to the count to ensure that unexpected guests can be included at the table.

Time the Delivery

The timing of food delivery to a large event is critical; if the food is delivered too early, it may no longer be fresh or hot by the time it’s served. If it’s delivered too late, guests will be hungry and unhappy. Talk to the caterer about delivering food 30 to 45 minutes prior to the scheduled meal time, and make sure food is kept covered until it’s served.

Clean Up Quickly and Discreetly

If an event venue is rented, the space is likely only available for a certain amount of time, and the caterer must be prepared to quickly clean up the meal after it’s served and leave the venue. The best Lindenhurst caterers will understand the need to discreetly clean up and make a quick exit.

Hire an Experienced Japanese Catering Service in Lindenhurst
Hiring a tested, experienced Japanese catering service in Long Island can prevent common food catering disasters, and ensure that an important event runs smoothly.

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