Japanese Izakaya Caterers in Long Island Create Wedding Receptions to Remember

As Japanese food has increasingly gained visibility, it has grown exponentially in popularity. While many people are familiar with traditional Asian restaurants’ takeout food, Lindenhurst restaurants also offer Japanese Izakaya-style cuisine, a traditional favorite that lends itself to many settings. Couples looking for unique, fun ways to make a wedding reception memorable may be delighted with Izakaya cuisine’s versatility and affordability. With its emphasis on innovative small-dish menu items and its casual, highly social style of presentation, Izakaya cuisine truly lends itself to a wedding reception setting.

Whether couples are looking for a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style mixer, Japanese Izakaya catering in Lindenhurst fits the bill. Offering a unique, modern approach to the savory traditional favorites of Japanese cuisine, Long Island Japanese Izakaya catering will delight wedding guests of all ages.


Robatayaki, or fireside-cooking, is a method of Japanese food preparation similar to barbecue, where food is cooked at different speeds over hot charcoal. Robatayaki is often shortened to “robata,” and is a traditional favorite in Japanese Izakaya cuisine, typically used to cook seafood, vegetables, pork, and chicken. Robata skewers are a natural fit for a catered event, and easily lend themselves to a cocktail-style buffet or a sit-down meal.

Noodle and Rice Bowls

Specializing in small-dish meals, Izakaya cuisine prominently features noodle and rice bowls with a wide variety of ingredients. Rice bowls typically include shrimp, chicken katsu, chicken breast, seasonal vegetables, roasted pork, or beef brisket.

Ramen bowls can include a variety of proteins, and also typically include scallions, pickled mushrooms, poached eggs, or farm-fresh vegetables.

Both rice and ramen bowls are easy to serve either in a buffet line or at a more formal table and are highly customizable depending on guests’ palates.

Brunch Offerings

Depending on the time of day the wedding reception will be held, brides and grooms may be interested in brunch offerings that focus on Japanese Izakaya favorites. A morning wedding may be perfectly complemented by a reception featuring spicy cold noodles with sesame or scallion, loaded fries with shoyu gravy, scallion, bacon, or poached egg, or warm pancakes with miso maple syrup.  

Drinks and Bar Offerings

Izakaya restaurants in Japan traditionally serve drinks along with their small-plate items, so bar offerings are a natural fit with Izakaya catering. The best Japanese Izakaya caterers in Lindenhurst will offer a variety of drink options to complement their catering menu, and many caterers have the capability to either offer beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks at wedding receptions, or to offer a full bar, including sake.

Catering Trays or a Sit-Down Meal?

Because Japanese Izakaya restaurants are typically focused on small-plate items, this cuisine easily lends itself to catering trays featuring individual items that can be served in a buffet-style setting. However, Izakaya catering can be easily tailored to a more traditional, sit-down meal, and many receptions can feature a main course followed by additional courses, all served by catering staff at guest tables.

While many Long Island Asian restaurants offer both takeout food and catering services, some of the best Lindenhurst caterers specialize in Izakaya cuisine prepared to perfection. These caterers can help create a wedding reception to remember.

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