How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Event with Japanese Catering on Long Island

As the summer season rolls around, you may be planning to enjoy the weather with an outdoor event. Whether it’s just a small get-together or a larger corporate event or celebration, your event could benefit from food from the best caterers in Lindenhurst.

Let’s explore some of the biggest things to keep in mind when planning an outdoor party or event with catering.

  1. Choose a Fun Outdoor Setting

Get started by selecting a park, garden, or even an outdoor amphitheater that will meet the needs of your guest list and allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery with friends, family, or coworkers. When the weather gets nice, you rarely want to be cooped up inside so hosting a nice outdoor gathering with food and drink will ensure that everybody enjoys the event.

  1. Space is Not a Problem

Having an outdoor venue means that you will not be limited to fitting your guests, seating, and food service stations within a set room or hall. An outdoor venue makes it easier for the caterer to set up and for guests to spread out. 

  1. More Variety with Food Choices

While you could still go with a traditional sit-down meal for your outdoor event, these gatherings often lend themselves to more creative catering options. Japanese catering is a popular choice with unique brunch options, the perfect small bites for a cocktail party, and main dishes that can be catered to any diet.

  1. Live Entertainment

Add in some ambiance to your outdoor gathering with an outdoor band and lawn games. Your guests can eat and drink at their own pace while listening to music or playing games.

  1. Save Money

Most of the time you will save money by hosting the event outdoors. You will not have to pay the high fees to rent an indoor space and decorate it, so your funds can go more towards catering and entertainment.

Things to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event

While an outdoor gathering with Japanese catering on Long Island is sure to make the perfect party, there are some things to consider when planning your event, including:

  • Weather – Plan for every possible weather contingency, even if you expect it to be a lovely summer day. Extreme heat or rain is always a possibility.
  • Lighting – If you are hosting an evening event, be sure to add string lights or even floodlights to brighten up your large outdoor space.
  • Seating – Be sure to account for enough comfortable seating and table space for all of your guests, even if they are likely to be up socializing or playing games most of the event. Everyone will want a nice table and chair when it’s time to sit down and enjoy their meal.

Hire the Right Outdoor Catering Company

Hosting an outdoor event can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of planning. Choose the right Asian restaurant in Long Island that offers extensive experience managing outdoor events and will help you pick out options from menus that include dishes that can be cooked on-site or pre-cooked and served cold. 

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