Bakuto Catering Packages & Information

Bakuto is now offering various catering packages for any occasion. Call us at 631-225-1760 to place your order! 

Please view options and pricing below: 

Steamed Buns

bakuto bar food 12
Bakuto Pork Bun

Get a box of 50 steamed buns for $274.00 or 25 steamed buns for $137. 00. Boxes of 50 can be split in half (2 options / 25 buns each). Options include:

  • Crispy Chicken Bun – katsu chicken thigh, salted garlic ranch, seasonal pickles
  • Bakuto Pork Bun – roasted pork belly, miso glaze, scallion, seasonal pickles
  • Sweet Potato Bun – roasted Okinawa sweet potato, Szechuan peppercorn, house made aioli

Robatayaki Platters

bakuto bar food 14
Chicken Robatayaki Skewer

Our delicious Robatayaki Platters are available in the following sizes:

  • Small Platter – 32 pieces
  • Large Platter – 65 pieces

Our options and pricing for Robatayaki Platters are:

Chickentogarashi, kombu, yuzu kosho$132.00$259.00
Duck Tsukuneduck sausage skewer, kumquat, miso glaze, fresh scallion$163.00$309.00
Tilefishhouse made aioli, scallion$213.00$400.00
Scallopgrilled shishito, tare, coriander$213.00$400.00

Bakuto Grilled Wings

bakuto bar food 15
Bakuto Grilled Wings

Our signature grilled wings are seasoned made with garlic, sesame, togarashi, and scallion.

Options include:

  • 10 lbs (approx 120 wings) – $95.00
  • 20 lbs (approx 240 wings) – $179.00


We have four salad options to choose from:

Mix greens, kim chi, toasted sesame, kumquat, scallion$45.00$85.00
Mix Greens Pickled mushroom, tofu, lemon $45.00 $85.00
Cabbage, scallion, pickled mushroom, kumquat, scallion $45.00 $85.00
Fried Chicken salad- cabbage, scallion, toasted sesame, orange, garlic ranch*$72.00$135.00

Dressing choices include coconut miso, plum vinaigrette, sesame ginger, spicy thai chili, and garlic ranch.

*Please note that our Fried Chicken Salad comes pre-dressed with our garlic ranch dressing.

Spicy Cold Noodles

If you’ve dined with us at Bakuto before, you know all about our delicious cold noodle Otoshi served at the beginning of each meal. They make a great side for events, too!

Options include:

  • 2 lbs – $25.00
  • 5 lbs – $55.00

Office Packages

Our office catering packages are a great way to impress clients and employees, alike!

Choose from the following:

  • Office Package #1 – $499.00 – 1 box of buns, 1 small salad (excludes fried chicken), 1 small skewer platter (chicken or tsukune), and 2 lbs of spicy cold noodles.
  • Office Package #2 – $349.00 – 1 large (or 2 small) skewer platters, 1 large salad, and 2 lbs of spicy cold noodles.

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