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  • Crispy Tofu Bun $11

    hoisin, pickled cucumber, scallion

  • Crispy Chicken Bun $11

    katsu chicken thigh, salted garlic ranch, pickled cucumber

  • Crispy Shrimp Bun $11

    crispy shrimp, spicy mayo, romaine, scallion

  • Pork Bun $11

    roasted pork belly, miso glaze, pickled cucumber, scallion

  • K.F.C. Sando $14

    Korean fried chicken, cabbage, honey-gochujang, pickled cucumber, brioche bun

  • Asparagus $12

    grilled asparagus, lemon truffle hollandaise, bottarga

  • Chicken Wings $13

    garlic, sesame, togarashi, scallion

  • Romaine Heart Salad $11

    pickled vegetables, scallion, sesame, ginger citrus dressing
    + chicken katsu (+4)
    + crispy shrimp (+4)

  • Pork Gyoza $10

    handmade pork and ginger dumplings, chili oil, ponzu dipping sauce

  • Sugar Snap Peas $10

    sugar snap peas, kim chi vinaigrette, cabbage, poached egg, crispy shallots

  • Tokyo Dog $9

    Allen Brothers premium hot dog, teriyaki, pickled cabbage, pickled mushroom, Thai chili, furikake


  • Spicy Cold Noodles $11

    sesame, scallion, togarashi, chili vinaigrette

  • Bakuto Pork Ramen $18

    miso cured pork belly, scallion, pickled mushroom, poached egg, shoyu broth


    mushroom dashi, temomi noodles, asparagus, bamboo, sugar snaps, caramelized onion poached egg, scallion

  • Spicy Pork Ramen $18

    sweet and spicy pork, poached egg, scallion, sesame, spicy pork broth

  • Chicken Miso Ramen $18

    chickpea, miso, confit chicken, spinach, carrots, poached egg, scallion

  • Rice Bowl $18

    poached egg, pickled veggies, chili crunch, furikake
    + chicken katsu
    + confit chicken
    + sweet and spicy pork
    + crispy tofu+peanut
    + crispy shrimp (+3)

*Please inform your server of any food allergies, consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

  • Robata Grill $32

    served with buttered furikake rice, romaine, scallion


    served medium rare
    miso au poivre marinade
    black garlic steak sauce


    sweet + tangy sauce, peanut, sesame, scallion

Lindenhurst, Long Island Japanese Restaurant – Dinner Menu

Our restaurant in Lindenhurst features traditional Izakaya fare with a unique flair for lunch and dinner. We use fresh, local ingredients from respected purveyors for every dish. Take a look at our food menu for the best ramen and Japanese food on Long Island.

Drink Pairings from Our Bar

Curious about what drinks pair perfectly with your chosen dishes? Our helpful staff will guide you through your selections, suggesting the perfect craft cocktails, mocktail, Sake, Shochu, beer, or Japanese Whisky to compliment your meal.

Enjoy a Traditional Izakaya Dining Experience

Bakuto is a Japanese restaurant in Lindenhurst that models the traditional Izakaya concept. You can expect a complete dining experience from start to finish as you meet friends or business associates for lunch or dinner.

Browse our menu and book your reservation to dine-in, or order takeout or food delivery to your home.